You want to make 2017 the best year yet right? Well, it’s going to take a little more than a few resolutions and a new fit-bit. If you’ve taken some time to reflect in the last month you might have felt that this year is asking you to begin evolving your soul, embracing your spirit, healing emotional trauma and clearing mental chaos. Everyone has stored emotional wounds and mental beliefs that are affecting them daily. Becoming fully aware of your unconscious mental beliefs (the ones that hold you back), and your subconscious emotional trauma (the feelings that have been heavy and present most of your life) is what allows you to let them go and begin living the life you’ve longed for.

Here are a few key reasons why you’ll be needing and desiring the support of a Licensed Soul Therapist & Spiritual Guide in 2017.

Body Over Mind — You’re being asked to step out of the box and open your mind further and further. You find yourself living in your head and noticing how the world is passing you by because you’re not as present as you’d like to be. You’ve tried meditation, and colouring books but you can’t shut out the mind chatter and negative self-talk. In Soul Therapy we work directly with your soul to reveal and reconnect you to your ancient heart wisdom. The power and the intelligence of your heart will quench the thirst you have, showing up as many questions that you think you don’t know the answer to. A Soul Therapist leads from her heart and has gone through her own major awakenings and continues her own growth, so she is going to be monumental in helping you feel like you are not alone. This important piece of feeling connected (especially when you are inclined to isolate yourself out of fear) is in part, what bridges you to remembering your inner most truth and expressing it authentically with the world while being fully present in your physical body.

Collective & Planetary Evolution — Conscious evolution is happening at a rapid rate and the speed at which you’re being asked to shift can sometimes come with intense challenges that when left to deal with on your own can be intimidating, confusing or highly overwhelming. Having a Spiritual Guide and Mentor who can guide and support you through your spiritual initiations and soul evolutions will help ground in your new states of being in the physical body, which is absolutely vital for being able to create change on this planet. All of humanity benefits from the awakenings of each individual. The world will evolve better when we are all consciously working together to overcome conditioning and imprinting that has set us back collectively and personally. Committing to your own personal growth and development is a huge step in supporting the evolution of humanity and of our planet.

Self-Love & Self-Care — You’ve been in all of the self-help aisles at your local bookstore, trying to love yourself a million times before but nothing has ever truly worked. A Licensed Soul Therapist listens and understands your spirit, your true nature and your desire to express your authentic self. Throughout your sessions, you will discover the freedom and deep self-awareness by removing the layers of social and family conditioning that have shaped your belief system and personal values. In releasing negative and unhealthy patterns, you connect with your authentic self and learn the steps to apply hands-on techniques that empower, liberate and give you back control of your life. Once you are loving and honouring yourself at the level that your soul desires you to be, your life experience will change from surviving to thriving.

Achieving Your Goals & Fulfilling Your Dreams — Always wanted to travel but feel like you can’t? What about becoming a professional dancer, an astronaut, or a restaurant owner? Working with a Soul Therapist helps you connect to your intuitive nature and deepen your connection to your spirit. The work lends itself to at times, even cathartic and inspired insights that seem to just fill you with inner strength and power from the base of your body. It’s often described as a wash of love that renews and opens up the heart. Soul Therapy offers you a chance to truly embody and bring out your own personality and desires, so that you can be living them fully (like travelling the world while working for yourself to create the life that you’ve always dreamed of, or finally being able to connect with others authentically in meaningful relationships) This could be the year you do it all!

A Soul Therapist guides you in re-programming your old mental frameworks, healing emotional wounds, awakening your spiritual connection and deepening your commitment to your soul’s purpose on the planet. Releasing what has been stored in your being for years, decades or even lifetimes, allows you to fully embrace your wholeness. This grants you the freedom to move forward beyond what has been keeping you stuck. A Licensed Soul Therapist will be highly skilled in how to guide you through this process with practical tools and loving nurturance.

This past year through Soul Therapy Programs & Weekend Seminar Intensives I lovingly supported over 50 women on their journeys of awakening their authentic self through self-love. These were women of all ages and walks of life who felt a great desire and willingness to truly transform their lives with awareness, sensitivity, connection, focus, and love.

The highlight of my year really and truly was witnessing each woman remember who they are, renewing their commitment to their soul purpose time and time again, deeper and deeper. It was watching women truthfully connect with one another in sacred space, with great honour and respect.

Some of the most exciting times were when my clients would share their insights in-between sessions because they were THAT excited that they couldn’t wait to share the magic of synchronicity, and how the new awareness they had embodied in-session come alive in their daily life.

Other times I watched women in places of challenge and transformation while holding them so safely, and gently so they felt deeply that across the bridge lay victory, peace and reprieve. I watched women enter into milestones in all aspects of their lives — making absolute evolutionary history in their personal relationships and careers. I saw them through spiritual initiations and delivered them straight to the heart of their soul. To all of the women I have worked with, it has been a great honour to watch you become fully alive.

If you’d like to change the way you’re living, being, feeling, thinking, acting, sensing, and serving this year, then Soul Therapy might be exactly what you need to guide into your soul desired states.

After reviewing my year and looking back at my clients so many of them were budding entrepreneurs (even if they didn’t consciously know it at first!) and through Soul Therapy I watched all of them make tremendous leaps in their lives, and with that their businesses flourished. From re-launching a design business with grounded foundation and revived soul to leaving a full-time corporate position to pursuing the dream of photographing women through a heartfelt creative business — I’ve held space for all of it.

If you’d like to dissolve the conditioning and imprinting that is currently keeping you stuck mentally, emotionally, physically, and you desire to be more spiritually connected, heart-centred and living your soul’s purpose, connect with me. I’ve been there, and I’m ready to help you make 2017 the year you step fully into your wholeness and experience abundance in all areas of your life. Contact me. Protection Status

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