The tragic thing about NOT living your purpose is that your spirit begins to dwindle and fade, your mind begins to be taken over by negative influences, you begin to believe the lie; that being ‘normal’ is the best solution to living safely. Your ego begins to taunt you thinking it’s too hard to break out of the hardened mold that was set up for you prior to birth. Your parents, society, school and all social structures around you tell you so; stay inside, it’s painful here, but we are all living this lie together. It’s safe here.

The illusion is so thick that as a species we took it on as a collective field that supports the massive levels of denial that people burden daily all around the world, supporting an agenda that does not include ‘oneness and love for all.’ That burden is catching up with every single living organism alive today.

“Life is hard, it’s just the way it is.” “You must work hard to survive.” “You have to do things in life that you won’t like, but everyone has to, so just do it.” “Money doesn’t grow on trees, you have to earn it the hard way.” You cave in…and you do it. It’s feels terrible and you burden the sadness of others around you who are quietly dying a spiritual death along side of you.

I am sure you have heard it many many times, “This is what we do, so just do it. We’ve been doing this in our family, society, culture, religion, schools, with our children, our aging parents and in the government for ages, so just do it.”

And so it goes….

You retreat into creature comforts, watch TV, listen to the news, believe what you see, lower your vibration by eating food made in a lab, or doused with chemicals, even when they are marked organic, drink water from a toxic plastic container that seeps into your blood and causes internal organ damage, becoming forgetful as your memory beings to be affected by all the toxins in your medications, water, food and your make believe environment.

You sleep more, get headaches, body aches, spiritual aches, soul aches, your energy continues to fade and you begin to think “somethings wrong with me and I don’t know what it is?” Your body, mind and spirit is asking you to PAY ATTENTION and LISTEN, your vital life force is being experimented with and you need to pay attention. Meditate. Listen. Clear out the mental waste.

So what do you do? Go deeper into your box or break out of it? Do to the doctor, take a pill, have a drink, smoke a joint, pop a pill? The box that you may have been living in created all of these illusions of separation, fear, lack of, survival, mental anguish, emotional pain and physical toxicity in the first place. Your soul wants breathing room.

Your spirit is speaking to you directly to break free. Best advice and it’s free? MEDITATE. This will begin your escape from the mundane, detoxifying your neurochemistry and neuropeptides to reorganizing your mental, emotional and then physical space.

There is but one constant element in your life that is safe, your spirit. It gives you life, animates all other forces of creation within you. The chemicals that make up your biology all regulate to the vital life force that pulsates within you, when it goes down, so do you. It is your soul power, the direct connection to your spiritual & physical will power. It determines your ability and agility to override the bullshit meter that is fed to you daily, moment by moment by electromagnetic man made frequency waves regulated by a system unseen yet felt around the planet. Meditate.

The ones you love and respect, your parents, friends, officials in any sector, they too have fallen victim to the illusion and lies that ‘normal’ is a safe place to live. They have been told these lies since they were a child. They too believed in the fairy tales told to them as a youth to stay in the normal range, or else crazy will be thy name.

The scariest place to be is ‘normal’ – it’s a made up reality that is non-sustainable, has zero longevity (as we can see the rapid decline of living standards globally in the last 50 years, we have little ecological time left on this planet if forests continue to be wiped out, oceans polluted and the air contaminated with biochemical debris and man made radiation).

I’ve had enough of the world that tries so desperately and fails so miserably to conform my kin into reckless abandonment of their spiritual pursuits.

We all come to this planet to birth loudly our spiritual essence into every fiber and cell that has consciousness – our spirit yearns to conceive and receive a new reality that supports each and every living species on this planet, not only human.

Today I take a stand for humanity to wake up to the power within the collective membrane from whence we came from, a luminous field of consciousness that pulsates with love. Not the human ego love that many yearn for, solely for earthly pleasures and emotional bondage. But a love that blasts open constellations within your cells to who, what & why you have come to this planet.

A client once asked me, “Why am I here? Why did I come to this planet? What is does my purpose?” When we surpassed her conscious ego mind and accessed her soul’s supraconscious memory her response was, “love.”
After her session she looked at me and said, “love? that’s all I am here for?”
My response to her, “ah, dear human, love is the core of your essence it is why you have come here to return to love, be it and express it. You do not love your flesh, nor your mind, your emotions have not been loved in eons and your heart, it has not felt the love we speak of yet in this lifetime. You do not love the air, nor the trees, you speak of what you don’t like, what you hate more often than you do of what you love.”

It took her awhile to grasp and feel into this concept. I sat in silence watching if it would land where it needed to, if it would find it’s passage into her awakened heart that lived and pulsated beyond the 3D consciousness. Did her spirit leap out and capture the essence of love in that moment? Did she go on living her life owning that love we spoke of? That my dear friends is where her free will comes in. I cannot make her see it, feel it, be it when she cannot own it as her own vibration. I can present her soul memory to her and be fully present to the space created so she can breath it in, even if for one single moment. That is all it takes, a moment to receive.

It’s up to YOU, no one else to make choices that will lead you towards and into an awareness and experience of love or one of fear. When your mind is free, it has space to receive this love that I speak of. Your mind and heart are connected. When your mind is cloudy, confused and controlled by what it sees from the outside world, your heart cannot hear it’s truth nor see into her own soul memories.

Every single thing in creation is vibrating at the frequency of love, 528 MHZ. If you are not then you cannot experience it, nor conceive it. If you are living in fear, you are only vibrating at the frequency of 19 MHZ. That frequency is easily influenced. Love already exists in every membrane, subatomic particle and every neurtrino from 15 billion years ago. We exist in a field of love, you must acclimatize & shift yourself to it’s vibration. Meditate.

When you watch the news, you witness desperation, killing, war, fear and exclusion of humans and animals across the world, are you experiencing the frequency of love? Doubt it.

The frequency of media (TV) stimulates your medulla oblongata which in turn controls your amygdala gland eliciting fear and anxiety. Wonder why you can’t stop feeling a heightened internal stress or an undercurrent of anxiety and fear? If you are witnessing the news or plugged into CNN your going to be feeling fear and anxiety in your world, by choice. You choose to watch it. Just turn that off. Choose something different. Remove it from your home.

Meditate instead. Watch the movie of the universe inside of you.

Every great sage meditates, become the sage, meditate.

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