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It’s New Year’s Eve and again, you find yourself making mental notes for what changes you want to make for the new year. “Get in better shape, get a gym membership (or use the one you have), get a better job, get the nerve to ask for that raise, read that book you bought a few years back, organize your closet, go on that trip or take that vacation you have been talking about since forever”. Sure, most of the items seem simple and easy enough to do but you seem to never get around to doing them. Maybe you pick up that book and read for five minutes but then the phone rang, or you made plans to go to the gym (at least once a week) but your favorite television series switched to that night……the excuses and reasons are endless. You convinced yourself they were all good excuses or reasons and before you knew it, New Year’s Eve was here again. So I ask you, what stops you from taking action in your life? What Blocks you from achieving your goals? Seriously ponder these questions and if you need to write them down. You do know the answers and when they come to you listen to them and try not to dismiss what shows up. It is showing up for you because you have asked. Some of your goals/resolutions may not even be things you personally desire to do, you just feel you have to because that is what you have been believed you should do. Go through your list and feel into them, how do they make you feel inside. If you don’t feel joy then get rid of those things from your list. Get real with yourself, which of those goals would make your life more satisfying?

Here’s an activity for you to do to create more clarity on what you desire to change in your life. Once you become more clear about what you desire to change this year, you will also become excited to implement the changes. You will feel less stress because what you think you should change is not always what you are desiring to change. Schedule some alone time for yourself, make a cup of tea, coffee or water and relax with a notepad and pen. You Are going to make a list of changes you would love to see because it would enrich your life. This list is what is true to you and your life, no one else’s. Maybe having a clutter free and well-organized closet would feel amazing. If the list is long then be real with yourself again and choose only the desires that would create the most inner peace for you. Remember you can make a new list next year so don’t make it so long you can’t complete it. That will only bring up unpleasant thoughts and feelings toward yourself and that is what we don’t want. Once your list is complete, choose one item from your list that you are excited about (or at least, the outcome). Once you have your new goal to achieve, post it somewhere you can see it daily. Next, you want to read that item and ask yourself what has been blocking you from achieving this? Once you know the answer, acknowledge it, own it, and be with it. No self-judgment only self-awareness. From this place, feel how fantastic it is going to be when you have completed this goal. Allow yourself to feel this inner joy every time you see the note on your paper. This activity will do a few things, it will allow you to get clear on your goals and desires, it will get you feeling excited about achieving them (one by one),it will stop you from procrastinating, and it will allow you to have the self-awareness to see what stops you from taking action in your life. Go down your list one by one fully completing a goal before moving on to the next one. Remember to love yourself through this process, and visualize your future self. I would love to hear what has been stopping or blocking you from taking action in your life if you would like to share with me email me at [email protected]. If this process has been difficult and you would like some guidance, you may also email me and we can set up a free 30 complimentary call to see where I can support you. Protection Status
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