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Evolutionary Education For Women Who Desire To Awaken To Her Authentic Spiritual Self

Learn How To Become a Licensed Soul Therapist™

What is a Soul Therapist?

A Soul Therapist™ is a professionally trained evolutionary educator supporting the eradication of pain and suffering from within the human condition. This “conditioning” creates neuronal signaling molecules that influence the activity of the brain in a negative way, suppressing a human being’s ability to be in flow, harmony and feel secure and safe inside her body. Stress, anxiety and disassociation are the primary key factors. In today’s society all three of these are considered a normal part of life, they aren’t. They have been conditioned into your biology via the neurotransmitters in your brain to create a peptide that is an unconscious behavior and pattern. There is a spectrum of opposites working here, as there are healthy and positive peptides that can become awakened and conscious, overriding the unconscious aspects of a conditioned state, pattern or learned behavior.

Do you ever find yourself asking yourself this question?

“Why do I continue to find myself repeating the same patterns and behaviors?” Here are some areas that the unconscious human conditioning shows up in daily life. 1. Financial situation, lack of income to support your desires and fulfill your dreams. Past behaviors of family relationship and past life memories to money influences the relationship today. Lack of self worth to receive. 2. Toxic relationships, abuse, trauma, rejection, lack of love, self image, self worth. 3. Mental uncertainty and confusion, lack of clarity about your future, inability to let go of past experiences that are negative, uncertain of your purpose, constant negative thoughts and/or images filling up your mind, mental influx of incoming information adds confusion and lack of focus, mental distractions diverting the experience of a peaceful mind. 4. Physical issues, inconsistent diets, body issues, organ failures, lethargy and lack of balance within your body, hormonal imbalances, cancer. 5. Emotionally unstable, mood swings are common, emotional outbursts, sadness and anger play a key part in creating a diversion to consistently experiencing inner harmony. Disconnected to your emotions, people and the world around you.

Negativity and fear are at the core of conditioning.

What is the Human Condition?

Conditioning is the reaction to stimuli from experiences that affect the behavior of a person, including their thoughts, emotions, physical and spiritual wholeness and well being. This is experienced as disassociation, not knowing who you are, uncertainty about your life, loss of connection to the world around you, your emotions, unable to connect with your conscious mind. It is used as a defense mechanism to pain or suffering, a safety valve that automatically gets triggered when it fears any trauma, especially from past experiences. Government and media use conditioning en mass to serve their own personal agendas, Deborah Skye has termed this, socially incurred abuse by authoritative systems. uses this There is a gland in your brain that reacts to the stimuli of these states of conditioning, it is used to keep humanity reacting to past stimuli and fear as the dominant experience. Your core conditioning that has been energetically imprinted by entanglements from culture and society, religious beliefs, unhealthy family dynamics, media, government, biotechnology and the great marketing campaigns by the pharmaceutical system. Pain and suffering are at the core of a condition, it represses, suppresses and constricts you from expressing, receiving, exploring, embracing and fully experiencing conscious love. You can think of the human condition as that which binds you to the energy, frequency and experience of FEAR.

What is the Human Experience?

Consciousness is the quality or state of being aware of something within you or your surroundings and the ability to respond to it. This is expressed as the energy of joy, compassion and unconditional love. Inside your brain you have a gland that supports your growth and coherence of your human experience. You will experience this as being guided by your intuition,being 100% present and grounded to your physical body, mind and spirit, experiencing flow in your life, trusting and listening to yourself, building extremely healthy boundaries, experiencing self love and seeing your dreams becoming a reality. You can feel the human experience as an expression of your full potential of healthy emotions and thoughts guided by the frequency and experience of LOVE. As a humanity we have not focused on the love of the experience of being human, but have focused on the constant stimuli and reactionary sequences of fear in the human condition.

Your human biology is designed to transmit love, not fear.

Our Licensed Soul Therapist™ are professionally trained and qualified to work with women 18+. Trainings range from epigenetics, mental and emotional healing and release, family dynamics, childbearing and pregnancy to timeline therapies and techniques that foster integrative whole-body systems. Focusing primarily on women and her family. Women who are desiring to conceive a child to foster a new relationship or heal her family dynamics would benefit greatly with our Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ Evolutionary Educator Programs. At Soul Therapy School® we focus on evolutionary education for women who desire to eradicate fear and suffering from the human condition giving space for new life systems and strategies for women globally who desire to experience their primary harmonic field express itself as unconditional love and joy.

Book a complimentary 35-minute Soul Therapy Session to explore how we can support you where you are currently at.

A Licensed Soul Therapist™ recognizes the spiritual dimensions of fear or love as a restriction or expansion within oneself and how the neurocircuitry of the human biology is designed to enhance your life experience and expression of love or inhibit it and conceal the ability to express confidently one’s own power. Language is a key factor in how we relate as Soul Therapist’s™, with specific techniques that allow our worldwide clientele to experience this opening of one’s core field of awareness and directly receive the powerful benefits that are the result of having a Soul Therapist™ Session.

What happens during a Soul Therapy Session?

Our Licensed Soul Therapists™ have been trained to use a unique language sequencing to elevate the embodiment of your consciousness, thus shifting the relationship and vibration of the core conditioning. Most individuals begin with out 6-week Awakening Sessions that are done online or in-person lasting up to 60-minutes each. You can find out more about the 3,6 & 9- month programs we have potential clients to embark upon here.

Soul Therapy School® was conceived while living in the jungles 23 years ago in Costa Rica. Today, Soul Therapy International reaches thousands of women all over the globe assisting in releasing and giving a voice to pain, anxiety, helplessness, suffering and trauma, all from a Soul level. How do we do this? By empowering our clients with the benefits of Soul Therapy. Working with a Licensed Soul Therapist™ will enable you to see where and why you are stuck, the core issue that has and is repeating itself throughout your lifetimes and the clarity of Soul perspective that your Licensed Soul Therapist™ will provide for you. She will empower you with a safe, nurturing and compassionate presence, listening to your body’s wisdom to reveal the truth of your situation. Counseling with a Soul Therapist™ will allow you to embody your spiritual gifts and open you up to experiencing first hand how powerful you are while clearing mental patterns that sabotage your success, the emotional triggers that keep you playing small and the physical unhealthy boundaries that keep you attracting the same relationships repeatedly. Gaining insight while working with a Licensed Soul Therapist™ will give you peace of mind, deep connection to your power, enable you to embody and ground into your physical body and to love yourself in a whole new way.

Deborah Skye King

Founder of Soul Therapy School®, Bestselling Author and International Leader of Personal & Planetary Awakening has been researching first hand the origins of humanities evolutionary stages. For the past 34 years, she has traveled to exotic and remote locations that hold ancient wisdom. Guided by her own inner calling and spiritual desire to provide evolutionary education to the planet, she has founded and produced many published works detailing human behavior, conditioning and ancestral connections to the healing of our current evolutionary cycle. She shares this ancient knowledge while mentoring her students from all over the planet who are seeking a solution to the distractions, discord and disassociation within their family, relationships, community, the world and self.

Soul Therapy School® was created to giving rise to the conscious relationship to fulfilling your destiny providing you with the tools and techniques to assist you in becoming consciously aware of your own desire for freedom. Soul Therapy School’s® Mission is to eradicate the fear and suffering of the human condition. To embrace the awareness that you are the creator of your experiences and to lead with courage, an open heart and a fierce warriors shield of protection. Soul Therapy School’s Vision is to awaken women globally to understanding her innate power source, her own mana within, to share this with her children so that future generations can express their own uniqueness without past conditioning limiting their experiences. Through monthly mentoring and online training & teachings, Deborah Skye provides an annual retreat and online summit leading women on a journey of self- empowerment, independence and freedom and living their life purpose in direct relationship to their own personal choice of soulful living. Our next Soul Therapy Summit is in Big Island, Hawaii, Wild Dolphin Multi-Sensory Activation.

Is Soul Therapy™ right for you?

Are you wanting the tools and direction to take this work out into the world and assist in uplifting the planet in this time of awakening humanity in healing, coaching, teaching and mentoring in personal empowerment through self realization and eliminating emotional, mental, physical and spiritual crisis and trauma, by creating a clear pathway to clarity of direction of purposeful living? Have you been wanting to connect in a global community with other women who have made it their goal to heal themselves and others through past patterns that have been destructive, dysfunctional and self sabotaging? Are you yearning to break free of the shell that has held you back far too long and in so many ways that you are now ready to be supported and held by others to courageously walk onto your path in an awakened and empowered way giving you the freedom you have often felt and desired? Have you been saying to yourself: If only… When I… I am not allowed… I can’t… I don’t have… and your done with that old story of lack and limitation, desperately wanting to break free of the shackles that have been holding you back so you can live your life of purpose? You might of said yes, nodding your head at every sentence you have seen here, knowing at the pit of your stomach you can no longer turn away or avert your heart from the depth of knowing that this is the perfect training for you to step out of your past and step into your future.

What are the requirements to enroll into Soul Therapy School®?

To become a Soul Therapist at Soul Therapy School®, the #1 quality we look for is your heart felt desire to say yes to enrolling. When Spirit calls you, you will know, it will be an inner knowing or urge that compels you to moving forward in ways unfamiliar to you at first, but the magnetic pull is so strong that you know this Licensing Certification Program was made for you. It provides for your current needs, wants and desires to expand in ways that will enable you to build a successful career, an inspiring business and give you a deep sense of accomplishment knowing that you have made the right choice to follow your passions and live purposefully in alignment to your spiritual and professional calling. You will have an initial conversation with our enrollment department and then you will be sent out a form to look through and complete, this will provide us with an understanding of where you are, where you have been and where you desire to go into your future. We support you 100% in delivering you results based on your current desires and surpass them as you move through each months module training and live classes held virtually globally and are accessible 24/7 236 days of the year. If you miss a training call, it will be uploaded into your main online office for you to review later on at your convenience. Training hours per week are from one to two hours depending on course enrollment level.When we have our live retreats this is where much of your work at the School comes alive and into action, it is wonderful to meet your online friends in person at an exotic location that is nurturing and expansive to your growth and well being.

Benefits on becoming a Soul Therapist

Soul Therapy School® has ongoing programs to assist you to take your new business if you choose to the internet, expanding your own reach and potential for impact and income. Recognition as a Soul Therapy School® graduate as a Licensed Soul Therapist can lead to media exposure, speaking opportunities, business collaborations and joint venture partnerships. We have seen many students become clients for each other and create powerful business relationships that have lead to long-term success. Soul Therapy School® is the #1 choice for women around the world who are seeking to take their purpose to a much higher playing field, our clients include but are not limited to: Coaches, Reiki Practitioners & Masters, EFT Trainers, Teachers of Spiritual Development, Practitioners of Energy Medicine, Coaches, Therapist, Mothers, Doctors, Psychologists, Nurses, Artists and women who are making a career shift, one that is more in alignment to their truth and provides inner peace and purposeful work in the world. book a 35-minute Soul Therapy Strategy Session

We offer cutting edge methods of presentation style so you can benefit from the comfort of your home, connect with other Soul Therapist around the world and participate in our online community dedicated to students enrolled in Soul Therapy School® in becoming Soul Therapist™. We meet virtually online 7 out of the 9 months via live stream (video) where everyone can interact and communicate with one another, asking questions or adding their voice to the community. The way our training program works, allows you plenty of time with your children, loved ones and business. If you are working a job presently or going to school, please continue to do this until you have reached a stage where your purposeful work in the world takes precedence over your routine paycheck. Deborah Skye has created the Licensing Training Program to be effortless on your part, while still receiving all of the benefits of being in the School.

Everything is recorded into MP3 files to download for you convenience, along with a visual online webinar that you can follow along with and a PDF for you to print out and place into your folders. You will see how easy it is for you to follow through at the convenience of your mobile device, computer or iPad. Anywhere you go, so do we. Soul Therapy School® is a 21st century educational center fulfilling the needs of women everywhere. Our programs can be instantly translated into Spanish, Italian, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Hungarian, Swedish, Russian as we have 57 different languages that our programs are easily translated into by the push of a button.

13 Earth Emotional Body ~ Foundational Training

For women who are stuck and want to get clear on why and then move beyond feeling and experiencing this emotional and mental baggage feeling empty and lacking focus on purpose. You will learn to recognize your challenges in life and not be a victim to them, but see in a powerful way the lessons contained within them so you can release painful situations from the past and present. Learn More »

26 Air Mental Body ~ Evolutionary Level

Harness your desires into the world and release past behaviors by powerfully creating your inner world of possible dreams. Each month, you will receive your Soul Therapist® Sessions that will shift your inner desires to creating a safe and clear pathway to actualizing your inner gifts of spirituality to manifest in the world around you. You will be provided with powerful Soul Therapist® Coaching calls to move you past your core fears and connect to your truth. You will receive a Spiritual Transformation Blueprint to provide support to move you beyond past patterns in a powerful way. You want to know your Souls Purpose and live your life connected to your truth but don’t know how. In the 26 Air Mental Body, you will learn how to do exactly this. Learn More »

39 Fire Physical Body: Professional Licensing Training

Create Monthly goals with charted activity that provide clarity to attaining these goals by embracing a co-creative experience working with your deepest core desires. You will move into a powerful place in your life, healing relationships, past conditioning, forgiving traumatic and painful experiences. You will be given tools to creating healthy boundaries with family, clients, friends and experience a level of integrity that empowers you. Your Licensed Soul Therapist Training will give you a solid awareness and actionable steps to create powerful results in relationships, self love and trust, personal integrity, honesty, emotional well being, mental clarity and focus, independence and confidence in your own life and your clients. You will be provided with a Soul Therapist Manual to use as your procedure and operations manual for your business and with clients with updates on client care calls to answer all of your questions during your training period and beyond. Learn More »

52 Water Spirit & Soul Body: Mastery Leadership Level

Facilitate Soul Therapist Coaching Calls with Earth + Air level students as part of your Master Licensing Training, once you are qualified as a Licensed Soul Therapist. You will be stepping into your powerful Self and share this with the world, confidently and courageously. Embrace your fullest potential with a powerful support team while creating a micro lab of incredible manifestations that feed your Soul Purpose. You receive all program levels included with your Master Level along with being featured at Soul Therapy School®. Learn More »

I Know I want to become a licensed Soul Therapist, what are my next steps?

We are the only Licensing Training Program for Soul Therapist in the world. If someone says they are a Soul Therapist, please make sure they are qualified from Soul Therapy School®.

Want to privatly with one of our Licensed Soul Therapist? Please schedule a complimentary Soul Therapy Strategy Call to find out who will be the best fit for you in moving forward in your healing journey of authentically being you. Protection Status
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