Everyone is a spiritual leader if they choose to be. This role is not about standing up in front of thousands of people giving speeches. It is about an inner desire to want to heal and inspire others by your actions and choices. Choosing to be a Spiritual Leader in today’s society takes self responsibility which is a big step into self love and self healing. What does self responsibility mean to you? It is choosing to accept your choices and mistakes as “yours”. Not choosing to blame other people because you don’t want to see the role you played because that would mean you are flawed. Guess what! We are all flawed, and that is OK. Learning to love yourself is extremely important in this life because it allows you to be fully aware of who you are. Remember there should be no judgment towards it, just acceptance and knowledge of who you want to grow to be. Imagine you are walking up to the glass doors of a building you have an appointment in. You think to yourself, “Whew, I made it in time,”as you were stepping on to the side walk you tripped and fell to your knees. As you grabbed on to the door handle to pull yourself up, the receptionist meets you at the door to see if you are ok. Everyone saw you, the whole building was glass windows not just the doors! How embarrassing and humiliating, right? What if you loved yourself enough to not judge the situation but to wipe yourself off and laugh. Let’s face it, we all have these moments, so why not love yourself enough to find the humour and self-love instead of the dreaded self-hate talk you do all to often. You should spend more time celebrating your self on all the amazing things you do, instead of being hurtful to yourself for all the things you think you should have done better. Self-love is about acknowledging the things you would like to do better next time and celebrating the things you rock at. Why shouldn’t you celebrate yourself? It is really important to do and it makes you love yourself more. Don’t rely on others to acknowledge your amazing ness because you will be waiting too long. Feel the emotions you are feeling, do a happy dance or whatever you do to celebrate and do it often. These are all traits we can choose to embody, to empower ourselves and become the spiritual leader you know and feel you were born to be. Choosing to be a spiritual leader in today’s society is a choice that puts you on a new journey in life. One that can fill your soul with love and joy. Here are three steps to help guide you along on your journey, if you so choose. 1) Self-responsibility: Work on being more aware of the role you play in your life. Ask yourself often, “what is the role I am playing in this situation?” “How does it serve me?” By asking yourself these questions regularly, you will become more conscious of the role you are playing in your life. Then you can make choices that serve you and your desires.

2) Self -love: Learning to love yourself fully is life changing in itself. There are always going to be people that that will find “faults” in you. Be your best friend and learn to love yourself unconditionally. As you learn to do this, you learn to live more from your heart. You allow your emotions to be what they are, neither good or bad just love unconditionally. Make time in your day to do at least one thing you enjoy, be it something big or small. For myself, I find being in nature healing and rejuvenating along with meditation. Some examples for you may be, going for a walk, reading your favourite book, yoga or making a candle lit bath just for yourself. The list is endless and must be something that will feed your soul.

3) Letting go of judgements: This means towards yourself and others. Instead, accept others and yourself for were they/you are at in their lives. Don’t allow your thoughts to become judgements of where you think someone else should be. They are not you, and have been through there own life experiences. Working on releasing your judgements allows for a clearer mind, with less toxic thoughts. It can provide more time for you to just breathe and focus on you. Work on being more aware of your thoughts. When you have a judgment (towards yourself or others) take a deep breathe, acknowledge it for what it is, a judgement. A good first step in letting judgements go is to be aware of them and remember not to judge yourself on your judgements!

These 3 simple but life changing steps can help guide you into more awareness and self-love. Challenge yourself for one week, follow these steps daily and see what shows up for you. I would love to hear how the week goes and what things show up for you. If you would like to share email me at [email protected] or if you would like more guidance and support please contact me by email and we will set up a 15 minute consultation to see where Wendy Walker can support you on your journey.

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