As you open your eyes to greet the day, your mind begins to wander to your to do list, to all the responsibilities you have and all the have to’s and should’s. As it does this, you realize you aren’t truly happy and you begin to question life in general. Is this really it? You wonder when you lost your zest for life. You question how you have allowed people and circumstances to determine the choices you have and continue to make.

Suddenly you find yourself daydreaming about what a life you love looks like. And you realize it resembles nothing like your current reality. Deep down you know the truth will set you free. Yet you have no idea how to get there or even a clear idea of what your truth is. The mere thought confuses you and creates uncomfort.

So you push these thoughts aside and slowly crawl out of bed. You begin preparing yourself to tackle the day – to go to a job you dislike, to pay the bills with money you don’t have, to stay in a relationship that doesn’t fulfill you, to do things you really don’t want to do, but you feel you don’t have any other choice.

Depression, frustration, and resentment begin to wash over you. You feel heavy and burdened. You become angry with the people around you. Not for any real reason, or at least you don’t think there is a reason. But you don’t want to make waves so you begin to believe there must be something wrong with you and you simply need to conform and continue on with what’s expected of you. Or what you believe is expected of you.

Secretly you feel guilty for even having unsettling thoughts and roller coaster emotions. So you stuff down your true feelings, pretending they don’t exist. Ignoring the inner small voice that is screaming at you; the one that is begging to break free from shackles you feel bound by and longing for something different.

Choices are something many of us don’t feel like we have. In fact, most people believe there aren’t any other options so we pull up our bootstraps and push through the day ignoring what’s going on inside of us. We desperately try to fit into the illusion, into what we should do or feel, into the small box and comfort that we’ve known for so long. After all, stepping into something else and choosing something different brings up fear – fear of what will happen, fear of the unknown, fear that we don’t have what it takes, fear that we will make a mistake.

Here are three simple steps to discover your truth and be set free of the human condition that keeps you stuck in the illusion that you don’t have a choice.

1) Take a walk in nature. Put aside all the thoughts that you don’t have time and grab your walking shoes. No ipod, no phone. Just you, the earth, the birds, the animals, the blue sky above and the green grass beneath your feet. Go for at least 10 minutes daily.

2) Grab a journal and start writing. Be honest with yourself. How do you really feel? What is bothering you? What would you like to be different in your life? What inspires you? What does your Soul want to experience? This is time to honor you. Don’t judge it, allow it to flow freely onto the pages and know that whatever shows up is there for a reason.

3) Every time you find yourself doing something you don’t enjoy, Take a deep breath and say “I am choosing _______” This helps to bring the awareness that in each moment you do have a choice. You can continue to repeat what you have been doing in the past or you have the opportunity to choose something different.

These three steps will provide you with a powerful shift and bring you to a new awareness of what your truth is. Be consistent and practice these daily for 7 days then review the progress and clarity these exercises offer you.

I’d love to hear what you have experienced by doing these simple steps. Want more guidance and support? Contact [email protected] for a fifteen minute consultation to see where she can support you in discovering your truth and how it will set you free. Protection Status

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