Licensed Soul Therapist
Encinitas, California, USA

I serve women who are looking to find joy in their lives, and who desire to get free of what is holding them back from being who they are meant to be. They feel anxious, depressed, stuck, sad, dis-empowered, hopeless, disconnected from others, and misunderstood. They want more from life.

I also serve women who are fighting cancer or have overcome and beat cancer. I assist them to keep their lives intact and who they are personally as they fight to put the experience in the past and help them to move on with their lives. It is here that they find their true self, through self love and an authentic relationship from healing their body and mind.

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Licensed Soul Therapist
Arizona, USA

I serve women who desire to liberate and free themselves from unhealthy family dynamics going back to childhood. Some are aware of it, and some are not yet aware. These women know they must heal this area of their being because they can hear and feel it within, but are unsure how to heal it. It has a strong hold on their thoughts and emotions that keeps them out of alignment with their divine path, preventing their true authenticity from coming through and reaching long-term self fulfillment. I serve women who don’t feel they are worthy of being heard, loved, or have fear of living and speaking their truths authentically to serve their soul and purpose.

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Licensed Soul Therapist
Toronto, Canada

I serve women who’s greatest pains comes from feeling or being alone. Whether it they feel alone on their own, or in large groups of people accompanied by anxiety, guilt, isolation and further loneliness.

She worries about not having or ever being enough in all aspects in their lives especially in intimate relationships and career. Women who are afraid that anything they say or do will not be accepted, or ‘right’ among the people and situations they are currently in.

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Licensed Soul Therapist
Los Angeles, California, USA

I serve women, married or single, who have the commitment and eagerness to create a more abundant, happy and fulfilling life through self-empowerment. This is the woman who is lacking self-love. She is overwhelmed with self-judgment and guilt, while doubting herself and her self-worth at every turn.

I guide and support women by providing the tools to live a life of self-love and empowerment in alignment to their authentic selves by removing the old, conditioned behaviors and patterns that have not been serving them. I help them to begin telling a new story with the clarity, abundance and connection that will lead to their souls’ purpose in life. Finally, they will feel loved, safe and whole in their own beautiful skin.

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Licensed Soul Therapist
Reno, Nevada, USA

I serve women who are stuck in fear and co-dependent relationships. She forgot how to self care making the needs of every other person more important than her own. She never learned how to self love and own her truth, thus saying yes when she truly means no. She has become dis-empowered and does not believe in herself anymore.
I serve women who seeks freedom and happiness. She may even be seeking permission to love her life. She feels disconnected, confused, uncertain. She doubts herself and have been
living in the past or seek to hide in her future, hoping that it will be better than her present.

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Licensed Soul Therapist
Stockholm, Sweden

I serve women who feel stuck and enslaved in their own homes and family situation. They feel like they are smothered due to not expressing their spirit and living in a joyous and supportive atmosphere. They are overwhelmed with daily tasks with no ‘me’ time and only serving others and extremely tired. They wish they could work from home or on their own project or business. They do not value and love themselves enough. They feel unappreciated and misunderstood from their partner, family and friends.
Her deepest desires: To be an incredibly attractive, sexy, smart, intelligent woman able to just walk outside and have it her way. To not be arrogant about it but truly loved, respected and supported. To have an amazing, deep intimate relationship with her lover and a variety of successful friends and support network. To have more than enough money coming in due to her own passions. To feel like the world is her playground.

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Licensed Soul Therapist
Nelson, British Columbia

I serve and support women who are interested in changing their lives to create a more fulfilling life – with an eagerness to grow. I love working with new mothers and single parents.

Her greatest pains: lack of self love, not connected, does not know or understand fully that we create our reality by our inner world.
Her greatest fears: they are not enough, they do not deserve what they desire, they are not worthy.

Her deepest desires: to live more authentically (from their soul), learning to create abundance in all areas of their life, to feel whole, loved and supported unconditionally.

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Licensed Soul Therapist
Perth, Australia

I love supporting and serving woman who are at a crossroad in their lives, where they feel stuck and or overwhelmed in either their career, relationships, their health, their physical or spiritual life. They are feeling that there must be more to life than this as they are beginning to awaken to their desire and courage to have a more loving, wholesome, joyful, conscious, creative, meaningful, empowered life. They are women who are desiring to find their passion and light that up and are looking for a Soul level love that requires them to be the best version of themselves.

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Licensed Soul Therapist
Hamilton, Ontario

I work with women who see and feel themselves as being emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually burdened and disconnected. Most of the women that I work with are very busy in their lives, their careers, their marriages and their families. They feel overwhelmed with all that they do for everyone else, they feel unfulfilled, sadness, emptiness, uncertain and burdened. They desire a life of wholeness and completeness but they are insecure in asking for help. They have many fears that control and sabotage their life experiences and they feel trapped in a place of complete overwhelm.

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