Sarah Christine Graham

Who do you serve?

Who I desire to work with:
I desire to call in and work with women who are aware of her constant internal emotional and mental dialogue that is triggering her to feel physical discomfort, anxiety, depressed emotions, and a lost connection to her spirit that is desiring to feel light, free, happy, and loved.
What they are experiencing:
These women experienced confusing or painful childhoods that caused a disruption in the development of her mental, emotional and spiritual awareness that separated her from her innate truth, wisdom and soul purpose. Growing up in an environment where there was role modeling by parents of emotional suppression, dysfunctional patterns, and broken family dynamics caused her to ultimately distrust herself and “dumb down” the expression of her spirit and soul. She is experiencing only a fraction of who she is and who she is meant to become due to the past baggage holding her back. She is seeking internal peace and clarity, emotional healing, self-liberation, personal freedom, spiritual connection, and to feel that her life is truly her own. Repeating negative patterns, feeling stuck, unloved, and attracting toxic relationships are her norm.
What they will receive:
Women who enroll to work with me will be held in a gentle, yet truthful, heart space for her to begin the inner exploration of her unhealed and unconscious belief systems and emotional patterns that no longer serve her today.
These old patterns inhibit her from experiencing her soul’s fullest expression and truth as a woman, daughter, sister, wife, mother and mother-to-be. She will emerge feeling like a new person who is more free, clear, and aware of her life patterns and experiences, no longer feeling like a victim or powerless to change her life circumstances.
She will learn to love and trust herself, feel gratitude for her experiences, forgiveness of self and others, and create new healthy boundary lines that will support her deepest desires and dreams, and so much more!
Who were you being when you first enrolled into Soul Therapy School®?
I was a woman in her late 20s who was very stuck in her pain body, not living my life purpose and very disassociated from my feminine essence. Although I had done healing work prior to Soul Therapy School®, it was not remotely close to the depth that I needed to fully let go of my pain and victimhood stories so that I could emerge as my true authentic self, get to know her again as an adult without the childhood conditioning, and create the life that I truly desired to live and experience in the world. Soul Therapy School has literally changed my life.
Why did you join Soul Therapy School®, what did you feel or think it would give to you that you desired?
Since I was a little girl I felt very connected to being in service to humanity and the world. From age 21, I also knew I wanted to run my own business, but the ‘how’ had not shown up for years. It didn’t take long for me to figure out that Soul Therapy was my ‘how’ to serve the world powerfully and more importantly, lovingly. I felt becoming a Licensed Soul Therapist would provide the path to living my life purpose in a powerful, highly effective way.
Where in your life have you seen the greatest shift to your awareness and life from being in Soul Therapy School®?
There’s been endless shifts, it’s hard to pick one area! Becoming consciously aware of what is truly not my authentic self and what does not serve me has been tremendous, then learning to be responsible with this new awareness and taking action to correct course has been huge. I’ve learned so much about how I operate, what my core needs are and learning how to meet those.
List the top 5 benefits that you have received being in Soul Therapy School®
1. Heal deep feminine wounds so that I could awaken and connect to my authentic feminine essence 2. Release childhood conditioning and patterns 3. Embodying an evolutionary model for women in the world that I feel passionate about 4. A platform for living my life purpose 5. Open my heart for healing, to receive and give love
Saying YES to joining Soul Therapy School®, what area in your life has been most deeply impacted? How?
Professionally. I left toxic work environments that felt constricted, out of integrity and dysfunctional. The corporate work space was very unhealthy for me and never felt like where I belonged. Joining Soul Therapy School® has supported me tremendously in elevating my spiritual gifts and how to use them in the world with complete professionalism, integrity and love for humanity. I feel liberated and free to express myself in the way that I desire to be seen and heard in the world. It’s been an incredible journey!
If a Mother was asking you, 'How will enrolling in Soul Therapy School® benefit or help me and my children?' what is your response to her?
It will help you and your children tremendously. You will not fully understand just how much until you commit to enrolling. When I first enrolled, I didn’t have 100% clarity why I wanted or needed to do this, but as the months moved forward, wow. I listened to my gut and just did it. This will transform you on all levels, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. You will get to learn the real you, the conscious version, and be empowered with the tools, resources and techniques to transform anything and everything that you desire to change. If you have any desire to get truly solid with yourself, you and your children will have a profoundly different life experience together and individually. There’s nothing more important than being a solid, healthy and conscious role model for your children. If you are seeking a 100% heart-centered mentor and educational programs, this is absolutely for you.
Working with Deborah Skye directly, how would you describe her teaching/mentoring style and the effects on you?
Deborah Skye is the most incredible woman I’ve ever met in my life, and probably will ever meet! A super conscious, feminine role model for women in the world to aspire to. Everything she does is of the utmost pure intentions from the heart. She communicates in a soft, centered, loving way and is incredibly powerful in how she delivers her message. She is highly gifted, and fully understands where you are at in every given moment. Deborah Skye speaks absolute truth with complete love, never making a person feel judged or small. I’ve never met anyone like her who is in absolute service to a person’s evolvement and personal goals. She embodies deep intelligence of ancient wisdom that has been deeply healing for the heart’s and soul’s of women around the world.

“I’ve never had a more keen awareness of being able to quickly recognize what serves me and what does not. This awareness serves me in all areas of my life from relationships, to jobs, activities, locations, and even including decisions I make for my business. I’ve been given so many useful tools and techniques that are allowing me to create a more fulfilling and sustainable healthy life. I now get the honor of sharing my experience from Soul Therapy School® with others hoping to guide and inspire others in their healing one person at a time.“

– Sarah Christine Graham, Licensed Soul Therapist Protection Status
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