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How often do you suppress or deny yourself the expression of your intuition, or what I call spirit? The times when you don’t say something, engage in an activity, or act when your spirit actually gives you that little nudge “do that!” How often do you feel uncomfortable in allowing yourself the freedom to just say “I have this intuition…….” You can ease that awkward feeling of uncomfortableness by simply letting go of the strong ingrained belief that something negative will happen if you share openly and honestly. I get it, there have been many folks in our history where this self expression has resulted in uncomfortable circumstances. Don’t you think that there is a lesson to be learned in that?

Express your intuition, don’t just honour it, and listen to it. Say it in a way that you are actually honouring your intuition. Instead of saying I think this, try saying “I feel this” or “I have an intuition.” It helps you feel safe in sharing what is going on inside of you. You are allowing yourself the freedom to express your authentic self, and that is a powerfully beautiful place to live, and exist from.

Listen to your inside self, and find time for yourself every day to spend at least 20 minutes alone. Allow yourself the time to process, and pay attention to what is happening inside of you. There is so much energy at this time that we really need to honour ourselves and allow the opportunity to listen to our bodies.

See with your inner eyes. Rather than look to everyone else in you life for the answer. Feel into the answer within your own self. Comparing yourself to others to see if it is ok for you to do that. Never mind that, because this is where we invite self sabotage. Whatever inspires you, what lights you up, pay attention to your thoughts, visualizations and dreams. Those are intuitions, that is spirit nudging you along. We do ourselves a great service when we get out of our way. Pay attention to what is inside of you rather than what is external to you, and on the outside of everyone else.

True it does take a bit of practice. The first step is shifting your awareness into paying attention to yourself. An internal inventory if you will. Taking stock of what is inside of us and being consciously aware of what does, and does not serve us for our highest, and greatest good. Protection Status
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