Overwhelm, anxiety and stress seem to rule your life. Jumping from one thing to the next feeling like you have no breathing room, no time for you, no support. Responsibilities and obligations continue to fill your calendar as your to-do-list grows. You are on edge. You just want a break. A moment, a day, a week to hide and run away from it all. But the demands of a job, family life and schedules don’t allow that. When your alarm goes off in the morning you lay in bed until the last possible moment staring at the ceiling telling yourself that you have to get up. So you crawl out of bed talking yourself into having a productive day. Finally you crash. You’re exhausted. You count it a success if you crossed a few items off your to-do-list. And hope that tomorrow is better. You relationships suffer. You’ve lost touch with your friends. Your intimacy level is pretty much non-existent or at the least very low. You’ve found yourself angry at the kids over the spilled milk in the morning or something similar, but just as much unimportant. Your weight is less than ideal and you find you can barely focus and pay attention to details anymore. That amazing memory you used to have seems to have dwindled away. You drop the ball on things more times than you can count, yet do your best to hold everything together. Pushing down your feelings, yet underneath it all you feel unworthy and like a failure. Life is chaotic. If it isn’t one thing, it’s another. You find yourself struggling in every aspect of your life, pretending that all is okay. When the truth is, you really know that it is not. You wish things were easier – at the very least didn’t have to be so hard. Self care has gone by the wayside. You barely have time to get decent meals on the table for your family. Forget the luxury of a spa day or a vacation out of town. You dream of peace and serenity. Yet it feels like a million miles away from you. It feels impossible to achieve. You continue to tell yourself once this project is complete, once the kids are finished with this one thing… then you will have time for you and life will settle down. But that time never seems to come because there is always more. Finding peace and time for you is essential as both a woman and a mother. Here are three simple ways to bring more peace into your life. 1) Ask for support. Your family may not realize how burned out you feel. Take a moment and communicate with them. Ask them to assist you with some things during the day. 2) Take a 10 minute break daily. This is necessary. If the only way you can receive a few minutes of quiet shut yourself in the bathroom, take a walk during lunch, get out of bed a few minutes early or even sit in your car by yourself. Remember to turn off your phone and let others know not to disturb you. 3) Schedule time for you. That could look any way you desire. It could be a full day, half a day or even 1 hour each week. Take yourself on a date. Do something you enjoy. Sew, bake, walk in nature, get your hair done, take a class, go to the gym. Remember this time is for YOU – don’t focus on what you “should” do. Focus on what makes you feel good and will assist in rejuvenating your spirit. Try these out and let me know how they helped you find peace in the chaos of responsibilities and obligations. I’d love to hear what you have experienced by doing these simple steps. Want more guidance and support? Schedule your free fifteen minute consultation with Crystal now to see where she can support you in finding more peace and serenity in your life.

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