Soul Therapy School® Masterclass

Discover a NEW way of relating to your life's story, via your body, mind and spirit with Soul Therapy's Integrative  Wholebody System™.

During this Masterclass Deborah Skye King, Founder of Soul Therapy, will walk you through Soul Therapy School®'s full-spectrum framework designed to eradicate fear and suffering from your physical, mental and emotional body.

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*This is a professional training for women who desire to enrich her lifestyle by supporting other women around the world in experiencing authentic expression and whole body integration of trust & freedom.

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During this Masterclass, you will

Understand WHY you are feeling stuck and how Soul Therapy's Integrative Wholebody System™ can get you unstuck.

Learn how Soul Therapy's multifaceted full-spectrum framework is designed to set yourself and your famliy free.

Realize where your unhappy feelings you have come from. Gain awareness from the Soul Therapy Integrative Wholebody System™ to heal yourself & future generations.

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This Training Is For You If You Want:

You know you deserve freedom.  You need help in understanding why you feel the way you do. Your mind, body and emotions are key factors in determining how freely you are expressing, trust and love yourself. If you feel stuck and know you want to be living a much happier life with freedom as a core value then this training is for you and for the health (mentally, emotionally & physically) of your family.

Learn how Soul Therapy's Integrative Wholebody Systems™ supports you in building a strong foundation to experience inner peace, happiness and the longevity of conscious health for your mind and spirit.


Soul Therapy is a Integrative Wholebody System™

Soul Therapy is an integrative fullspectrum wholebody system™ using a framework that AWAKENS you to a higher cosciousness so you can be authentically self-expressed.

Founded in 1991 in the jungles of Costa Rica, Soul Therapy School® awakens individuals to their life purpose. Grounding into reality the social, family and cultural conditions that have created dis-ease in the human spirit: unhappiness, chronic illness, dysfunctional families, a world of disassociated humans unable to connect authentically with their heart, spirit or wisdom of their Soul.   

The Soul Therapy Framework is multifaceted full spectrum wholebody system™, deeply rooted in an awakened intelligence that is guided from an individuals Soul.

Each person's Soul Essence is unique, as is an individuals personal expression and one's authenticity.  The Soul Therapy Framework is designed to embody this full spectrum, embracing you in a wholebody system, providing a foundation and pathway to freedom.

This value packed masterclass is FREE

“What if I can't attend the live Masterclass, but still want to take sign up- will I get a replay sent to me? ” YES!

You don't have to be present for the live Masterclass to get all the benefits from this awesome Soul Therapy Framework Masterclass. Enroll and watch the replay video at your convenience - you'll receive the entire presentation in email format. We know your life is busy, and we designed this Masterclass to be available to everyone, at your convenience.


About Your Masterclass Teacher

Deborah Skye King (@deborahskyeking)

Deborah Skye believes that everyone is born with an inate ability to change one's destiny, by overcoming fear and eradicating suffering from the genetic imprints that are inherited in utero. Her passion is in developing wholebody educational sytems that evolve the human species into the future by developing emotional and mental frameworks that are mulitifaceted and embody full spectrum learning and healing. She travels the world evoked by research in sacred temples, pyramids, stone circles, abodes of  ancient civilizations deep in the heart of the jungle, bringing an ancient lost knowledge to the forefront in all of her teachings and mentorship trainings. She has made it her life’s mission to share this wisdom with women globally to eradicate pain and suffering from the human experience, so women and her children can live authentically, fully expressed and free.  She courageously leads her life from a place of authenticity and freedom, with a heartfelt love of deep service to Gaia and all of her relations to the species that dwell on planet Earth. 

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Soul Therapy Masterclass


Soul Therapy School®


Can't attend live? No worries! Sign up and get the video replay via email.