You want to be heard, understood and acknowledged in your relationships, business and love life, right? I hear both women and men asking to be understood, fights begin with “you just don’t understand me!” or end with the same remark. My question to you is, do you understand yourself? For most the answer is NO. So then, how do you expect other people to get what you want, need and desire if you yourself have yet to figure that out?


Wanting to be understood by others

Do you understand yourself?

Founder of Soul Therapy and CEO of Soul Therapy School®, Deborah Skye King has been investigating and researching the evolution and origins of the human species for 39 years. Her passion of exotic travel combined with her desire to share ancient wisdom with women globally has led her to track wild jaguars in the Maya Temples of the Peten, live alone in the jungles of Central America and roam freely to isolated locations to tend to the needs of Gaia in developing Planetary Healing Teachings.  Her depth of love for this planet empowers her to share the knowledge she has encountered throughout her explorations in remote locations around the world. Through her online certification training courses, licensing programs and teacher training, she provides women with the opportunity to live her innate power, grounded, securely and with a fierce, tender heart. Protection Status
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