Milla Andersson Soul Therapy™ Introduction ~ Stockholm, Sweden – December 5

Hälsans Hus, Fjällgatan 23B, 116 28 Stockholm, Sweden

Soul Therapy™ Introduction | Awakening Your Authentic Self Join Licensed Soul Therapist Milla Andersson for a three hour in-person gathering of women exploring how to connect to your true authentic expression. The benefits are astounding! Sharing your core truth and living your purpose is deeply pleasurable and incredibly satisfying. Most women are blocked from accessing […]

Soul Therapy® Introduction Seminar with Andreea Stefanescu – December 11

20 Clarkson Mews 20 Clarkson Mews, Maple

You've said it many times to yourself, "if only when..." During this 3-hour immersive hands-on experience, you will be supported in discovering HOW TO connect to your authentic self. Embracing your divine feminine essence by exploring aspects of self that have been shut down, disconnected and suppressed is an experience that has incredible benefits. (Ask […]

Milla Andersson Soul Parent | Spiritual Child™ Introduction – December 15

Stockholm Sweden Stockholm

Becoming a parent is the most life-altering transformational experience that most women and men are unprepared for. Today’s child desires to be fully expressed, seen and heard, sharing their creative, innovative wisdom leading to a strong community of shared beliefs, vocally expressing their truth and demanding actionable change in the world. Most parents do not […] Protection Status
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