Where Is The Self-Love?

Where Is The Self-Love?

It seems to be the topic of the day. Everywhere I look or go, someone is talking, writing or discussing Self-Love but are they living it? The thing is, as human beings in the world we live into today, most of us are starving for it and we just don’t know it. If...
How to Create the Life You Do Want!

How to Create the Life You Do Want!

How do you create the life you do want, when you look around at your life and all you can feel and see is so much of what you don’t want? I know for me I can feel stuck in the illusion that I can’t achieve what I want in life because of all the reasons or excuses I...

What is your Self-Talk

I always thought I was really loving and kind to myself.  I thought I was encouraging, gentle and tender toward myself. I thought I was my greatest cheerleader, and believed I had a very healthy self-esteem if not too much self-esteem!  I also thought I was a relaxed...

My Transformation In Soul Therapy School®

I have been on a journey to find the best way to live in my purpose and share my intuitive gifts with the world. Finding the right avenue proved challenging. Finding an avenue that would allow me to assist individuals in their journey to perfect health, happiness and...
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