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Your heart may be broken, your body may feel disassociated from your spiritual connection, we understand. If you are seeking support, loving, kind and open hearted presence of another to guide and support you to your most authentic self, we welcome you. Our Soul Therapist® Sessions are designed to support the most authentic qualities of yourself to come forth, even when you feel defeated, confused, lost and without direction. With over 30 years in the development of healing human beings living with trauma both personally and in the family, our team of Licensed Soul Therapist's are supportive to meet you where you are at right now. Our Licensed Soul Therapist® have gone through their own evolution from pain to freedom and support all people who seek to heal and have help in bringing awareness to their path of individual authentic expression.
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Do you suffer from fear and are seeking help?

  • Feeling isolated, alone and unhappy?
  • Have confusing thoughts?
  • Needing to speak to a professional that can support you in redirecting your pain?
  • Feeling self-judgemental?
  • Lacking self-love?
  • Do you want to heal your family dysfunctions?
  • Looking to step out of the internal chaos?
  • Needing help to overcome obstacles?

Do you Want help others and be professionally trained?

In the human potential movement backed with 30+ years of evidenced based research? It’s time to live your passion authentically and lead with purpose.

  • Lead seminars around the world
  • Serve women globally
  • Help heal pain and suffering
  • Learn how to use techniques to heal core wounds.
  • Learn hrow to release family dysfunctions.
  • Gain valuable professional training.

Soul Therapy®  eliminates fear from the human template by releasing stored negative emotions and mental chaos that keeps you trapped in repeating unconscious behaviours.

Our training programs have 30 years of evidence-based research on human potential, neurosciences, neuroplasticity and ancient healing practices with outcomes that eradicated pain and suffering from the human condition. What qualifies us as unique is the direct experience you receive in releasing entanglements that are deeply buried inside your genetic lineage and entrained in your nervous system and dampen your heart from expressing your truth.

Get professionally trained to provide yourself or others with the freedom to feel safe in your body,  grounded emotionally with a clear mind by releasing stressors that keeping you stuck from living a happy life on purpose.

Our Licensed Soul Therapist Are Here To Serve You

Learn how to eradicate fear and suffering with a Licensed Soul Therapist to embody inner peace, apply authentic presence and live to affect change where it matters most ~ your heart.

Women Want To Experience Freedom

Human conditioning constricts, controls, limits and inhibits the true expression of your spirit.

Gain The Support You Need & Desire

Soul Therapy is an intelligent energy that works in harmonizing and awakening your authentic self, the true you from within.

The human condition blocks and inhibits this expression of self from speaking honestly, discovering that self-love is a powerful ally and necessity for girls, women and elders who embody the feminine generational lineage to breath her fierce unconditional love into the planetary grid. Why?

Soul Therapy School® Professional Training

Earth Emotional Body ~ Foundational Training

For women who are stuck and want to get clear on why and then move beyond feeling and experiencing this emotional and mental baggage feeling empty and lacking focus on purpose.

You will learn to recognize your challenges in life and not be a victim to them, but see in a powerful way the lessons contained within them so you can release painful situations from the past and present.

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Air Mental Body ~ Evolutionary Level

Harness your desires into the world and release past behaviors by powerfully creating your inner world of possible dreams. Each month, you will receive your Soul Therapist® Sessions that will shift your inner desires to creating a safe and clear pathway to actualizing your inner gifts of spirituality to manifest in the world around you. You will be provided with powerful Soul Therapist® Session to move you past your core fears and connect to your truth. You will receive a Spiritual Transformation Blueprint to provide support to move you beyond past patterns in a powerful way. You want to know your Souls Purpose and live your life connected to your truth but don’t know how. In the Mental Body, you will learn how to do exactly this. Learn More »

Fire Physical Body: Professional Licensing Training

Create Monthly goals with charted activity that provide clarity to attaining these goals by embracing a co-creative experience working with your deepest core desires. You will move into a powerful place in your life, healing relationships, past conditioning, forgiving traumatic and painful experiences. You will be given tools to creating healthy boundaries with family, clients, friends and experience a level of integrity that empowers you. Your Licensed Soul Therapist Training will give you a solid awareness and actionable steps to create powerful results in relationships, self love and trust, personal integrity, honesty, emotional well being, mental clarity and focus, independence and confidence in your own life and your clients. You will be provided with a Soul Therapist Manual to use as your procedure and operations manual for your business and with clients with updates on client care calls to answer all of your questions during your training period and beyond. Learn More »

Water Spirit & Soul Body: Mastery Leadership Level

Facilitate Soul Therapist Session with Earth + Air level students as part of your Master Licensing Training, once you are qualified as a Licensed Soul Therapist. You will be stepping into your powerful Self and share this with the world, confidently and courageously. Embrace your fullest potential with a powerful support team while creating a micro lab of incredible manifestations that feed your Soul Purpose. You receive all program levels included with your Master Level along with being featured at Soul Therapy School®. Learn More » Protection Status

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