Wendy Walker

Who do you serve?

Woman age 25+, married-single-parent, interested in changing their lives to create a more fulfilling life through – with an eagerness to grow.

Their greatest pains: lack of self love, not connected, does not know or understand fully that we create our reality by our inner world.
Their greatest fears: they are not enough, they do not deserve what they desire, they are not worthy.
Biggest failures: living in their thoughts and conditions, not following their intuition and living their life according to other peoples ideas.

Their deepest desires: to live more authentically (from their soul), learning to create abundance in all areas of their life, to feel whole, loved and supported unconditionally.
Things that block the person: themselves, thought patterns (living in the mind), lack of self love, negative thoughts, living in the story of their life and not knowing any different.

The solution they are looking for: feeling loved, supported and accepted in all areas, all coming from being connected with in, and clarity.
What would the solution mean to this person? Living more aligned with their authentic self and their souls purpose, they would feel pleasure, connected, loved, supported and lighter!

Who were you being when you first enrolled into Soul Therapy School®?

I was a woman that was living my life day by day. I always knew there was something more out there for me. I have always been more spiritual then religious but I was not grounded. I had constant mind chatter and I beat myself up all the time. I found it a struggle to stay positive and to live my life at times. I thought I had to be “perfect” to be liked and that I had nothing to offer others. I always worried what others thought of me and how I was living my life. It used to matter to me, I was a people pleaser. I allowed myself to become last in my life. I usually felt a lot of stress to strive to be “perfect” and some days it would cause so much pain because I had a busy life and no matter how hard I worked, I never finished my to-do’s list and that always left me feeling like a failure. In my home life (a caregiver of 4) was very routines, and very rigid. My children felt controlled and it felt like I never had quality time for my kids. I always seemed to be in my thoughts not in the present moment.

Why did you join Soul Therapy School®, what did you feel or think it would give to you that you desired?

It is very interesting how the universe introduced me to Soul Therapy School. I have always enjoyed learning new things, especially when it comes to health, well being and spirituality. I came across this one lady online who was putting on a tele-summit with a whole bunch of well known speakers. While I was listening to Deborah Skye talk, my soul spoke to me. At the end of her speech she started talking about Soul Therapy School. I signed up to receive emails from her and while I was listening to her talk about the course, I started to cry! My soul was speaking to me, and I knew that no matter what, I had to take this course, so I had a short call from Skye to be interviewed for the class and well, the rest is history! I had no idea what I would get out of this class or to what extent Soul Therapy School® would change my life!

When did you notice the first changes take place in your life while in Soul Therapy School®?

The first changes started to take place into the second month. I resonated with all that was taught about our universe and how she explained how our universe really works, not how we are conditioned to live and believe it is. It blew me away and helped me start to break through some conditioning. Then as we went deeper into our different types of bodies, I kept on transforming! It is really empowering to learn where we are in our emotional, mental, physical, spirit and soul body! Knowing where we currently are and were we want to move into, and knowing we all have the power to so is very inspiring and empowering. The changes in my life gradually started happening within the first couple of months but it continued and still is. Now when I look back I am forever great flu and thankful to the universe for bringing this course into my life, and of course Deborah Skye for all her work that she continues to bring into this world.

Where in your life have you seen the greatest shift to your awareness and life from being in Soul Therapy School®?

There are so many ways I have seen shifts in my life, I am not sure which ones are greater then the next. At first I worked on my mind chatter and self love. It allows me to be completely present in any moment and because I have learned to love myself (for even the so called fled I may see) I am now able to hold a space of love for the people around me. It is amazing all the people,places and things I have been completely in my mind for, and therefore have not been fully present to receive and be in that moment. My relationship with myself has gotten so much better and the relationship with my children also exhibits more authentic love then it did before. I am going to keep shifting, growing and continue to strive to live life from my soul not from my mind. Life is much more joyful and fulfilling.

List the top 5 benefits that you have received being in Soul Therapy School®

1. Being more present in/to my life
2. Learning self love
3. Being empowered by learning that we are the creators of our own reality
4. Learning to live from my soul and to listen to it
5. Learning to hold space for people to just be themselves and not judging

Saying YES! to joining Soul Therapy School® what area in your life has been the most impacted? How?

Many areas have been affected, but I would have to say my self love was one of the main areas, which that impacted so many other areas in my life. Not having that constant mind chatter of how I can be or do better is very draining. It also holds you back in many areas in your life because you don’t feel you are capable of doing many things. I have also learned to live more in the present moment, which is amazing what we all miss out on when we live in our thoughts most of the time. I am more aware of mine and others needs. My life now feels like it has a clear direction, and I know what I want to create for myself and I know that I can achieve this. Where before, I had no sense of direction and I had very low self worth. Before this class, I felt lost, I knew that I was meant for more, but no idea on what and I let life just happen to me. Now I know I create my life and anything that happens in my life is something that I created, I found this very empowering!

I cannot say enough how Soul Therapy School® has changed me and my life. I am a totally different person now. I have been told recently over and over that I am so sweet, that my smile is intoxicating and that people just want to connect with me. This is a gift that I can have that kind of impact on people where before I was sharp, jagged and inconsistency in my energy. I feel so blessed to have found me again after my life of challenges, toxicity and trauma. I knew I was in there and now I’m out there shining, teaching and helping to relieve human suffering too. Most of all I have self-love which is the foundation to do and have all the rest.

– Wendy Walker, Licensed Soul Therapist

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