Deborah Skye King founded Soul Therapy School® with the vision and foresight of humanities desire to experience freedom and love in every moment. Not just to humanity, but to every living creature, to dissolve the illusion of separation and bring awareness to consciousness.

Vision ~ “To eradicate fear and suffering from the human condition.”

By offering women the opportunity to live a life of freedom, all of humanity wins. When women model freedom to their children, co-workers, in business or intimate relationships and demonstrate what freedom looks and feels like our entire planet changes. How? Women are designed to protect and nurture life, ALL of life. The lineage of females on this planet spans back millions of years, dating to 6.6 million years ago when the first humanoid was discovered in Africa. What most do not know due to history and science’s embellishment of hiding the truth of humanity is the first humanoid and all evidence of future species that have been found in different locations around the world, where always of the female origin. Only in the last years has this evidence been making it into anthropology and scientific publications. Women are such a threat to the way the system has been designed as it withholds any indication that all ancient societies were matriarchal. Inherent in her biology is a powerful ingredient, the womb.

By removing the conditioning of all emotional, mental and physical impacts that hinder women to create from her heart wisdom, our world can align to living from a place of integrity, peace and self-love. This ripples into how we invest in commerce, education, health and bridge the gap between cultures, industry affecting communities globally and connecting our shared agreement, to live in harmony amongst ALL species on Earth. This includes an inherent respect and love to nurture our relationship to nature and all she is willing to offer humanity, her wisdom and unconditional love. Protection Status