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Women’s Sacred Gathering In Uluru The Solar Plexus Energy Chakra of the World

Uluru Australia is one of the most sacred Aboriginal sites that is 600 million years old. The Dreamtime origins are prominent here at Uluru as the spirit people here at the sandstone monolith is evident. Spiritual energy amongst the songlines is vibrant here, a living library of earthly vibrations that eminate between the rock, water and sky. Here the ancient peoples of the Dreamtime live amongst the dreamers.

Uluru is a powerful healing center sitting along Earth’s major energy grid that connects to power centers forming a circutry of energies that aligns to the moon, sun and constellations at particular cycles of the rotation of Earth’s orbit.

Stories are held deep within the Earth, called Songlines

These Songlines inhabit a realm of reality that are shared via ceremony, dance, ritual and through sound by the ancient ones, the Yankunytjatjara and Pitjantjatjara people. There are over 40 sacred sites and 11 Dreaming trails, or Tjurkurpa.

The Anangu people belong to the oldest culture known to man dating back 60,000 years.
Uluru and Kata Tjuta are traditional lands where ceremonies and rites of passages, initiations have been ongoing for over 20,000 years.

This is the land of Lemuria

I believe that Uluru comes from an ancient culture when Lemuria was still connected to other land masses. It has been a ceremonial center for many cycles and now it is a time of the return, to heal, replenish and reconnect to the Dreamtime. Awaken inside the dream, to do this we must ork with our ancestors and remove the densities that are bound within the soul lineage, the generational inherentance of DNA.

When we enter into the Dreamtime we remember our origins, It is here where the Great Rainbow Serpent touches the Earth to the Sky and vice versa, as above, so below. All that lays in between is the dreaming – the unconsious.

For humanity to continue to live upon Great Mother Earth, we must as a species awaken within the Dreamtime and enter the serpents rainbow. This is a dimensional framework that is initiated while in trance when the vibration of the Uluru is the location of Earth’s solar plexus, the energetic power point of where you gain or lose your inhibitions to take the lead in life or fall victim to outer circumstances.

Uluru empowers you to remember who you are, walk awakened inside the dream and walk the songlines of Mother Earth, who knows how to read you as a vibrational being.

In our days of remembering in ceremony and in gratitude to the caretakers of this land, the Anangu, we will humbly connect to the Rainbow Serpent. It is in our connection to the vitality of the Rainbow Serpent do we revitalize our inner crystalline vortexes, our inherent blood memories.

This sacred Earth chakra enables visitors to embrace their own personal power by discovering what is unveiled in the Dreamtime as it becomes awakened in their world. There is great power here in Uluru and while taking a walkabout you will discover new aspects of yourself, this planet and who you are that no other sacred site will.

This is a land of the first peoples, the oldest known human of the Earth of it’s beginnings. It is here in Uluru where the sky meets the Earth and immortal beings live within the land. The aboriginal tribe of Anangu are the direct descendants of these beings and are responsible for the protection and caretaking of these ancestral lands. The knowledge necessary to fulfill these responsibilities has been passed down from generation to generation. No other place in Australia is so rich in mythology, song-lines and stories, or so associated with events from the Alcheringa or Dreaming. In the language of the local Aborigines. You will see your own reflection in the Earth as she speaks to you through the rocks, trees and everthing living underground.

As with all ley lines that run concurrent with the sacred geometry of the Earth’s energy grids, the cosmologial relationship at Uluru is potent.

The desert in Uluru lights up at dusk to penetrate deep into your subconscious unveiling the dreaming of Earth’s ancient memories.

It is here where the solar plexus of emotional unrest and integration penetrate the most in the collective psyche. This is why Uluru has called you to return, to heal the planet and her peoples of emotional unrest that has converted into physical illness all over this planet. The trees are sick, the plants, water, air and Earth herself are all sick, this unrest and imbalance needs to be restored to its rightful space. The Earth’s magnetic field is calling for a rebalancing as is all humanity. The ancient ones call for our belonging to this planet. The Rainbow Serpent will be our guide.

Sunrise at Uluru is breathtaking, so is sunset. The night sky at Uluru is one of the most beautiful images of the Milky Way. Stars speak to your cells igniting webs of connections that deepen our presence and call forth your ancestors from beyond the veil.

Like all Earthly mysteries, what is hidden and not seen is thought of as out of sight and mind , lost to our awareness as not real if not seen. This myth or belief wil be challenged at Uluru. Songlines are not seen but are vibrations that hold stories, etched in time immortal, not all from this world but are travelers that speak to the stardust within the space between physical matter and one’s spiritual essence.

The subconscious realm is what is most enhanced here, it is the soul of space that gives rise to ancient lost memories of the immortal energy of the physial manifestation of spirit.

As your guide and songstress I welcome you to Uluru, where your emotional strength and vital energy will be penetrated to enhance and capture your total being in all her glory to sheppard into Earth’s new template.
All shared memories are within the Dreamtime. As a group you will be given teachings from the Dreamtime that will support you in recognizing the necessity for a collective planetary healing releasing geneational patterns and ancestral trauma during this moment of a cycles within many other cycles all impregnanting into one space time continuum.

Deborah Skye is dedicated to serving Gaia and all of Earth’s species. She is a warrior who knows the terrain of the land, speaks in languages unknown to many and has a telepathic range that moves beyond space and time. Her service to the world brings her to remote sacred sites around the globe to receive insights of humanities evolution. How to serve humanity and Gaia as we all move through this planetary initiation. She has documented these teachings that have brought her into deep initiation work since the age of 14. She shares the direct lineage of her ancestral work in The 13 Mystical Wisdom Teachings~ Apprenticeship Training.

For 35 years she has been researching ancient civilizations and the origins of Earth’s species while learning and deciphering languages and codes left within the technology of energy grids and megalithic structures. It is from her personal work on female evolution that she founded Soul Therapy School® and provides and incubator for women to embody and share a sacred practice of honouring the value of another through deep presence and unconditional love. Removing the conditioning of society and generational imprinting, to embrace the experience of being fully expressed, empowered and engaged in receiving and respecting one another.

As a planetary transformational leader, Deborah Skye teaches ancient heart wisdom to women, to heal, nurture, and remove conditioning and generational imprints that limit the experience of being fully expressive and deeply in love with life on Earth. Her passion, dedication and commitment to providing solutions to women who have yet to understand and own their inherent brilliance, value and worth as a spiritually enlightened and fiercely powerful species are her life’s work. Traditional ancient cultural mysteries seeps through her bloodline, it is here that her teachings spring forth to women globally who yearn to search for their own heart wisdom. At an early age she was presented with an understanding of this world, began her spiritual training at age 6 and within her youth was already participating in initiation rites of passages that enabled her spiritual gifts to develop and deepen on a daily basis. She continues to develop these skills and teaches women how to advanced and embody their own inherent gifts and abilities through initiation work.

For fun, walking barefoot on the jungle floors, climbing trees, making love and bathing in Earth’s waters is her go – to for rejuvenation. She is a warrior who loves deeply, cares for all of Earth’s species and is a protector to her kinship seen or unseen from the ravishing greed of mankind. She is a protector and warrioress for Gaia. With honour and humility, she serves from the heart of the Great Mother.

Desert Gardens Hotel

Amenities & Facilities

Offering the only rooms with views of Uluru in Ayers Rock Resort, the 4.5 star Desert Gardens Hotel features welcoming rooms, locally inspired dining options and interactive arts experiences within an oasis of native gardens.

Accommodation options are diverse from deluxe rock view rooms to shady poolside rooms all located under a canopy of towering gum trees and garden beds dotted with native flowers.

Once you’ve satisfied the urge to explore the magic within Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park, you will find guided and self-guided tours through Desert Gardens Hotel’s substantial and authentic native gardens just outside your hotel door.

Learning about Australia’s native fauna and traditional Indigenous bush foods will awaken an appetite to uncover Desert Gardens Hotel’s restaurants and bars.

White Gums Restaurant helps prepare you for the day with an interactive buffet breakfast, while lunch served on Bunya Bar’s terrace comes with a side of total relaxation. Argnuli Grill’s Red Centre inspired a la carte grill menu provides a perfect ending to the day.

Desert Gardens Hotel’s is home to both inspired arts experiences and one of a kind souvenirs to commemorate your unforgettable trip. Meet the Artist in Residence, learn about their craft and watch them create masterpieces. Speak with the gallery staff if you feel inspired to participate in an art class or workshop.

All of Ayers Rock Resort’s luxuries and conveniences, including numerous lookouts, Red Ochre Spa, Town Square are within easy walking distance or accessible via the free shuttle bus.

Getting To Uluru Garden

By Air

Both Jetstar and Virgin Australia fly daily directly into Ayers Rock Airport from Sydney. Jetstar has a 4 weekly return service from Melbourne Tullamarine to Ayers Rock Airport (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday)

Qantas operates daily flights to Ayers Rock Airport via Alice Springs from Sydney. Qantas also offers direct flights from Cairns and Alice Springs.

All three airlines offer connecting flights from most capital cities to Ayers Rock Airport.

International guests may like to consider a Qantas Aussie AirPass for a more convenient way to include Ayers Rock (Uluru) in their itinerary.

Alice Springs to Ayers Rock Resort is a 1 hour flight or a 4.5 hour drive (450kms).

Airport Transfers Complimentary return coach transfers from Ayers Rock Airport to Voyages Ayers Rock Resort meet every scheduled flight. The return transfer to Ayers Rock Resort Airport collects you from your hotel approximately 2 hours prior to flight departure please check with reception for exact departure times.

Car Hire

Hiring a car is a great way to explore Uluru and Central Australia at your own pace. Avis, Hertz and Thrifty car rentals are available at Ayers Rock Resort, with pick up/drop off options from the Ayers Rock Airport and the Resort. You can choose from a range of vehicles including 4WD and standard Sedan options. With limited cars available we strongly recommend pre-booking with plenty of time. If you choose to hire a car with Voyages Travel Centre, your car hire rate will include ‘Unlimited Kilometres’ on all vehicles.

Flying into Alice Springs and hiring a car to drive to Ayers Rock Resort is a great option for families and groups of friends travelling together wishing to explore more of the Red Centre. Alice Springs to Ayers Rock Resort is 450km down the Stuart Highway, approximately 4.5 hours drive on sealed roads. Protection Status
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