Crystal Rasmussen
Who do you serve?
I serve women who are stuck in fear and co-dependent relationships. She forgot how to self care making the needs of every other person more important than her own. She never learned how to self love and own her truth, thus saying yes when she truly means no. She has become dis-empowered and does not believe in herself anymore.

She knows there is more out there, yet no matter what she does, she cannot seem to reach her desires. She is seeking truth within herself, wanting to clear out old programs, patterns and unrealistic expectations that others assume she would be happy in.

I serve women who seeks freedom and happiness. She may even be seeking permission to love her life. She feels disconnected, confused, uncertain. She doubts herself and have been
living in the past or seek to hide in her future, hoping that it will be better than her present. She is not fully living and that is what she truly desire to experience, a wholeness within herself.

Who were you being when you first enrolled into Soul Therapy School®?
Before Soul Therapy School® I was stuck in a very limited place. I could not see options or possibilities. I was paralyzed by fear. I was stopping myself right before I completed things. I had closed off my receiving. Thoughts played over and over in my head – so much I couldn’t even recognize what was really going on. I was fighting and struggling to stay above water, yet feeling like I was drowning.
I was holding on to co-dependent relationships that even though I thought I had let them go still allowed some of them to run my life. I was making choices based on every one needs of what they thought was good for them, not me. I was confused and unable to see what was really going on within me and the world around me. I was depressed and stuck in survival mode.
Why did you join Soul Therapy School®, what did you feel or think it would give to you that you desired?
There was something deep within that guided me to. I couldn’t imagine being enrolled, yet I couldn’t imagine NOT being enrolled. I knew from the depth of my core that this would somehow change and altar my life in ways I couldn’t even dream possible.
I had been struggling to get a business I loved off the ground and barely making enough money to pay the bills. I felt that enrolling would help me to build my business in a way that served both me and my clients. I also believed that enrolling would transform the relationship I currently had with money.

I have always loved learning about different personalities and how people interact and behave. I had been considering going back to school for a counseling degree since my healing business wasn’t taking off. But something stopped me. So many labels and medications and structures didn’t seem to fit into what I really wanted to do. Yet, my search for what I really wanted ended as soon as I found Soul Therapy. It teaches about the human condition and the Soul in a way that I could understand.
In essence it was exactly what I was looking for, but hadn’t been able to find anywhere.

When did you notice the first changes take place in your life while in Soul Therapy School®?
Changes began taking place as soon as I made the decision to enroll. Once I decided that no matter what, I was going to enroll I found the money to make the down payment and that’s when the magic began happening.
My relationship with my father was the first placed I noticed it. I began speaking my mind more without getting angry, but more in my power. I was applying for jobs to help pay for the school and I walked in to a place and was offered a job without even applying – one that paid more than the ones I’d been applying to and it lasted just as long as the school.

I used to allow fear to over ride me. It ruled my life. Now I can recognize the truth of what that is. I can come back into my body and evaluate from a different perspective than before.

I used to allow the thoughts to control me. They stopped me. They would tell me I can’t, and now I know that I can. My entire mindset has shifted. I’m grateful, I’m in my body and I’m able to see the truth more clearly. I’m finally choosing for me.

Where in your life have you seen the greatest shift to your awareness and life from being in Soul Therapy School®?
For any woman considering enrolling into Soul Therapy School®, I would say do it! You will not regret it. Your life will change dramatically. You will become more conscious and have more awareness. You will discover and learn more about yourself than you have learned anywhere. You will align to your truth and can then embrace your life fully. Issues you have struggled with for years and lifetimes will dissolve and you will be left with the amazing woman that you are at Soul-level while being embodied in the physical.
List the top 5 benefits that you have received being in Soul Therapy School®
1. Less fear
2. Seeing the truth
3. Loving myself
4. Mindset shift
5. Finding my Voice
If a Mother was asking you, 'How will enrolling into Soul Therapy School® benefit or help me and my children?' what is your response to her?
YES!!! Enroll NOW! Don’t waste another moment.
Enrolling in Soul Therapy School® has completely changed the relationship I have with my teenagers. They express themselves more. They share with me again. I can now see where my children have and are reflecting what is going on within me and vice versa. I’m able to see generational patterns and now that I’m aware of them I am able to change them. My son was hiding in his room all the time, he was depressed and felt unloved. He wasn’t able to use his voice or speak truth. Now, we spend quality time together and we are able to communicate in an honest way. He is discovering what he is good at and starting to truly enjoy life again.

My daughter is finally taking her power back. Now when she has something going on in her life, she wants to talk to me about it. She is rediscovering her true self and what brings her joy.

There is less constriction and unhealthy family dynamics are finally healing. We raise each other up instead of getting stuck in each others stuff and unhealthy toxic patterns.

My kids have actually told me how grateful they are for Soul Therapy School®.

Working with Deborah Skye directly, how would you describe her teaching/mentoring style and it's effects on you?
I love the way Skye holds the space for her students & clients. She holds them in a loving compassionate way while telling them the truth. There is no BS. It helps me personally untangle myself from certain illusions that I have allowed to run my life and step into truth. She truly cares about her students, their well-being as well as their families. She is so intuitive and having her in my corner and helping me to see another perspective in various things has drastically changed my life.
Saying YES! to joining Soul Therapy School® what area in your life has been the most impacted? How?
I can’t really say there has only been one area of my life that has been most impacted because each and every area of my life has been impacted. The relationship I have with my children, with money, with my business, with my parents and family is so different. Above all of that, the relationship I have with MYSELF is like night and day. I am so much more conscious and aware of not only my actions, behaviors and thoughts, but others around me as well.
I feel more empowered. I feel more confident. I feel like I am finally on the right path to living my purpose and embracing life. Choosing for me has changed how I interact daily. I now embrace life fully. I’m able to communicate with more clarity. I can honestly say that in this moment I love my life.
“Soul Therapy School® has truly changed my life. I don’t even recognize who I am now compared to who I used to be. Everything I have been searching for outside of me, was actually within me all along – I simply needed to disconnect from all the illusions and lies and see the truth clearly. Soul Therapy School® helped me with that. I finally feel worthy and loveable. Being able to choose for me, to have that permission and actually do it and it flipped a switch for me. I don’t have to settle. I don’t have to live by everyone expectations. I don’t have to spend my life in confusion or unhappiness. There is so much more clarity and joy. To see the TRUTH, to Live FULLY, to me that’s what life is all about. LIVE. LOVE. TRUTH. JOY. CHOICE. In each moment we have a choice. I can choose to align to my truth or I can choose to be stuck in illusions and lies and I personally am choosing me and truth!
Thank you Deborah Skye for creating this incredible program! I am truly grateful and honored to a part of this journey with you.“

– Crystal Rasmussen, Licensed Soul Therapist

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