Carolyn Goldfarb

Who do you serve?

I serve women who are looking to find joy in their lives, and who desire to get free of what is holding them back from being who they are meant to be. They feel anxious, depressed, stuck, sad, dis-empowered, hopeless, disconnected from others, and misunderstood. They want more from life. They want to feel whole again like they did before they let the human condition run the show.

I also serve women who are fighting cancer or have overcome and beat cancer. I assist them to keep their lives intact and who they are personally as they fight to put the experience in the past and help them to move on with their lives. I assist women to find their authentic selves and get unstuck.

Who were you being when you first enrolled into Soul Therapy School®?
When I first enrolled in Soul Therapy School® I didn’t even know that I was still so codependent, needy and how I was in desperate need of a lifeline. I had just been recovering from breast cancer the year before, where I had suffered some radiation damage from the treatment. In addition, I was in a very toxic codependent relationship with an alcoholic, and I was in a job that was stressing me out all the time. I had lost 64lbs before starting Soul Therapy School® which was motivated by my breast cancer and the desire to get healthy, however, I was keeping it off by sheer will, and not from the need to love my body or take care of it. Also, before Soul Therapy School®, I had a constant underling sadness that I masked with a happy face, having many bouts of depression throughout my life in which I had in the past taken medication for after I had lost my second nephew Spencer when he was 11 months, and other life events. such as losing my parents previously to different cancers. I also knew deep in my Soul that I was not on my life purpose which is to be a healer, and teacher.  I have always been on a spiritual path but I was not embodying the work or my purpose. I just had my intuitive gifts and spiritual abilities but I had no idea how to use them to help and empower other women. In addition, I knew I had a life to live that I wasn’t living and had no hope of ever getting out of working for corporate America and selling advertising. I knew too deep inside, if I didn’t not start loving myself, and get on my purpose my body would think we were done here on the planet and my cancer was sure to return in a bigger way. It drove me to seek out help to heal myself and get on my purpose. Soul Therapy School® from the second that Deborah Skye spoke to me about, I knew it was for me. I signed up after only one conversation. I didn’t even hesitate. I knew it was my answer to shift me in the direction I needed to immediately, which was to release me from my human conditioning, my emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and soul patterns and in the end allow me to be of service to other women so they too may be free to live their lives completely empowered, grounded in their bodies and in alignment with their soul and its purpose as I have done.
Why did you join Soul Therapy School®, what did you feel or think it would give to you that you desired?
I joined Soul Therapy School® because I believed it would save me from myself. I knew in my Soul that it would teach me about the human condition, the truth of who we are, the Earth, the cosmos and my place in everything. I didn’t really know how much it would actually change and shift me at the time I signed up, but WOW! the second I said “Yes!” everything started to change and shift. I knew that it would give me a certification to become a Soul Therapist so I could do the work myself and that it would empower me to get my life back, heal my depression and undo some of the damage that I had done to my body. I did hope that it would keep me cancer free which it has! I believed it would change my thinking and provide me with the tools I needed to feel whole and bring me back to myself including removing my fear and depression. I always had an underlying fear of that even when times are good, the other shoe is going to drop any second. However, I did not expect the complete transformation of who I am from someone who was needy, who said yes to please others, and who was unhappy most of the time to an excited, happy, energetic person who has the ability to manifest all my desires.
When did you notice the first changes take place in your life while in Soul Therapy School®?
I noticed immediately small shifts taking place in my thoughts and my perspective on who I am in the world and how responsible I am for all the decisions I made in my life. Within a very short period of time, I had gained an understanding of how much of a role I play in what I perceive are my limitations and how I created over and over again some of the toxic relationships including in my bosses. However, the most impactful experience was when we were in the third month talking about the physical body and I said “Yes” to wanting to live an abundant life, in my body and fully on purpose on a group live module that after it was over and a mater of minutes, I started having physical detox through my tongue and then my mouth that for me lasted 4 months. My tongue and mouth felt like they were burned from the inside. It was all the radiation from my breast cancer treatment, cigarettes that I had quit 3 years earlier, and all the physical and emotional toxins leaving my body through my mouth. This was in the first year of Soul Therapy School® for me. This experienced showed me how fast the energy of Soul Therapy School® works that it could release all of this from me by my pure desire and saying Yes to me! I am on the third year now and have been in complete perfect health, cancer free, and maybe get one cold a year (if that) after this experience. I believe, that once I said yes to me, my body did not need to hold on to these poisons and chemicals because in that very moment I shifted to a new level of vibration. I have since had many of these type of experience of shifting and releasing, but for me that was the most enlightening one on how powerful saying yes is to your life. In addition, through Soul Therapy School® I learned how to manifest my desires. I recently decided I wanted to move back to New York City from Chicago. I had to find a job, and an apartment and a sublettler for my current apartment because the lease wasn’t up for three months. I was able to find a job, a subletter and an apartment in NYC in one month! I set my intention, and not only did I create the perfect move, so many people have come to help make it happen and help! I couldn’t believe how with pure thought, emotion, intention backed by action and focus, along with Deborah Skye’s support, I was able to manifest an incredible result in one month’s time! Soul Therapy School® has provided me with invaluable tools to manifest my life and my desires. I no longer feel trapped, and dis-empowered now that I am Soul Therapist, I am empowered, I am a manifestor and creator of my life. Very very exciting!
Where in your life have you seen the greatest shift to your awareness and life from being in Soul Therapy School®?
The greatest shift for me is in taking full responsibility for my life, and releasing my victim mentality of why is this “happening to me” and releasing my co-dependent nature. I no longer enjoy being co-dependent or get anything out of it. I do not attract toxic people into my life, alcoholic men, nor if they do try to engage and try to engage me, I have strong boundaries and am able to cut them off immediately. I feel free from past patterns of self-pity and victim-hood and know that I am the designer and creator of my life, and I doing the best I can to take complete responsibility for my life. I have had a lot of loss in my life and drastic changes. Soul Therapy School® has freed me from the pain of these experiences and I am not reliving them, and continuing to make the loss of my parents, my nephew Spencer at 11 months, money or lifestyle prevent me from living in the present any longer. It has provided me with the tools and understanding to live in the present, while having energetically freed me from the pain of these past experiences so they do not become a my excuses any longer keeping me from my happiness in this moment or the life I desire to live. Sometimes it is very difficult to look in that mirror of how my subconscious will create an experience I am not interested in having, such as creating fear, or worry, and then I realize it has done this so I may see and understand my patterns, heal them and move on so as not to not keep living the same story, and that I can create something new for myself. Soul Therapy School® has allowed me to see myself clearly with a crystal clear mirror, and know that I am the person in charge of myself, and that everything that happens to me, good or bad is on some level my design. I now love my body and take very good care of it easily and effortless and I care very much what chemicals I put in or on it. In addition, it has allowed me to manifest my freedom, my new life that I’ve always dreamed of and am actually finally creating, and I am living my purpose of embodying the work and assisting other women in their spiritual growth and self empowerment, and lastly have self love for myself above all else.
List the top 5 benefits that you have received being in Soul Therapy School®
1. My healthy body back.

2. It has freed me from my past and my stories.

3. It has allowed me to take responsibility for myself and my life.

4. I am fully present and fully embodied in my body.

5. It has brought me self love.

Saying YES! to joining Soul Therapy School® what area in your life has been the most impacted? How?
My physical cancer free health, it is that I am on my destined path as teacher, healer and Soul Therapist®. I am now finally in my body completely which has finally calmed my over active mental chatter that was ceaseless and endless. I feel so happy, and free to create. I am most grateful for finally being free of my story, my co-dependancy, my emotional toxicity that I feel I have a chance to really create the life of freedom and abundance that was only a glimmer of hope before having connected with Skye and then by joining Soul Therapy School®.

I cannot say enough how Soul Therapy School® has changed me and my life. I am a totally different person now. I have been told recently over and over that I am so sweet, that my smile is intoxicating and that people just want to connect with me. This is a gift that I can have that kind of impact on people where before I was sharp, jagged and inconsistency in my energy. I feel so blessed to have found me again after my life of challenges, toxicity and trauma. I knew I was in there and now I’m out there shining, teaching and helping to relieve human suffering too. Most of all I have self-love which is the foundation to do and have all the rest.

– Carolyn Goldfarb, Lice

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